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The Global Citizen Association’s goal is to help its members successfully pursue international living experiences that increase cross-cultural understanding. With their interest in diversity and hunger for knowledge, our members go to all corners of the world and develop an abiding respect for the world’s peoples. GCA is proud to provide global travelers with trusted services and expert knowledge that promotes Global Safety and Healthy Travel. We believe where you choose to travel makes a difference.

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Korean Chicken Grain Bowls with Kimchi Cucumber Salad3 min read

Elizabeth Palmer CalifanoFri, 22 Jan, 2021

These colorful and filling bowls pack a big nutritional punch along with a ton of bright, zesty flavors. Gochujang, a staple in Korean cooking, flavors this sim…

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Picture-Perfect Yoga Spots Around the World4 min read

Kayla KurinTue, 19 Jan, 2021

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the importance of getting outdoors and spending time in nature. While we, for the most part, have been barred from restau…

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An American Abroad: Tips on Representing the USA without Feeding Stereotypes5 min read

Danielle OwenTue, 12 Jan, 2021

Americans abroad don’t always have the nicest reputation with locals, especially at many of the most popular tourist destinations for U.S. travelers. This rep…

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