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The Global Citizen Association’s goal is to help its members successfully pursue international living experiences that increase cross-cultural understanding. With their interest in diversity and hunger for knowledge, our members go to all corners of the world and develop an abiding respect for the world’s peoples. GCA is proud to provide global travelers with trusted services and expert knowledge that promotes Global Safety and Healthy Travel. We believe where you choose to travel makes a difference.

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Mental Health Management: How to Plan Your Medication Before You Travel3 min read

Eve LegatoWed, 22 Mar, 2023

It’s happened to me too many times to admit. On an early morning travel day, I’ll wake up, take my medication, run around filling my suitcase with final ite…

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Sephari-Inspired Wild Rice with Chickpeas and Crispy Onions2 min read

Elizabeth Palmer CalifanoWed, 15 Mar, 2023

The Jewish holiday of Purim is a fun-filled, joyous holiday celebrated with costumes, parades, carnivals and a special festive meal showcasing traditional foods…

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How to Truly Relax While on Vacation 3 min read

Danielle OwenTue, 07 Mar, 2023

Have you ever returned from a vacation feeling like you need, well, a vacation? Why is this such a common sentiment amongst travelers?  If you feel like you’…

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