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The Global Citizen Association’s goal is to help its members successfully pursue international living experiences that increase cross-cultural understanding. With their interest in diversity and hunger for knowledge, our members go to all corners of the world and develop an abiding respect for the world’s peoples. GCA is proud to provide global travelers with trusted services and expert knowledge that promotes Global Safety and Healthy Travel. We believe where you choose to travel makes a difference.

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Your Checklist for Managing Spring Allergies on the Road4 min read

Mia BarnesTue, 27 Feb, 2024

Are you set for a spring adventure? While the beauty of blooming flowers is a sight to behold, it can be troublesome for those allergic to pollen, mold and dust…

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Wellness Tourism Is Booming. What Is It, Exactly?4 min read

Mia BarnesWed, 21 Feb, 2024

The pandemic brought several changes to the travel industry—one trend has linked traveling with well-being, giving rise to wellness tourism. Although not a ne…

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Ukrainian Sauerkraut Soup (Kapusnyak)2 min read

Elizabeth Palmer CalifanoWed, 14 Feb, 2024

This vegetarian spin on a classic Ukrainian comfort food dish is just the thing to make when the weather turns cold and dark. Mushrooms take the place of tradit…

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